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A Closer Look At The Right Use Of Marijuana

A Closer Look At The Right Use Of Marijuana

Guest blog 3 by Kelly Arnold

There is a heated debate about the positive and adverse effects of marijuana use nowadays, whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. I have always believed in that quote by Ellis Peters that says, “All the things of the wild have their proper uses; only misuse makes them evil.”

I envy Colorado. They’ve reaped some huge benefits with legalization of marijuana. I read in an article that it is bringing in millions of dollars of added revenue per month while simultaneously helping schools and being instrumental in a decline in crime rates.

An article was published in the Denver Post that Colorado attained over $50 million dollars in the sales of recreational cannabis plus reaching $25 million dollars for medical sales. Educational institutions are also reaping the benefits of marijuana legalization. A percentage of the excise tax on wholesale marijuana sales, fifteen percent to be exact is set aside only to be used for school construction. Over $40 million was already collected for school infrastructures, and that amount is more than enough to build one middle school with an athletic field and two well-equipped elementary schools.

Tax earnings for Colorado institutional infrastructures are not the only advantage of legalization for the state. Drug Policy Alliance released a 2014 study which shows that marijuana legalization led to decrease in crime rate. The violent crime rate fell 2.2 percent, burglaries in Denver, Colorado’s capital, dropped by 9.5 percent, and 8.9 percent lowered overall property crime rate.

A Closer Look At The Right Use Of Marijuana

I am looking forward to an increase of public awareness with regards to cannabis use. So much hype has been said about its adverse effects and not much about its benefits. I am an advocate for the utilization of the substance. Used correctly, I believe the many positive benefits of marijuana will substantially surpass the negative ones mainly through proper education and understanding of this substance.

I am one among a significant number of individuals who has used cannabis for medicinal purposes. I was diagnosed with neuroticism around the time I turned fifteen, and the proper dose of medical marijuana helped tremendously with my ailment. One might say that I have a long-term tendency to be in a negative emotional state of mind. My doctor diagnosed that I have more depressed moods than considered normal, suffering from feelings of guilt, anger, envy, and anxiety, more severely and frequently than other people.

Since I turned 15, I have been on a lot of medications, including several benzodiazepines, Tricyclics, and even antipsychotics. I took these medications to no avail, in the end, all were detrimental to my mental and physical health. With the use of cannabis, my symptoms somewhat alleviated. Because it is a subject very personal to me, I have dedicated my time to online research about it. With proper dose, the catalytic effect of cannabis increases awareness and understanding of patients using the substance for medicinal purpose.

I know the matter is still being settled in different states and other countries worldwide, although some already took their stand. Looking forward to that future where misconceptions and biases are adequately addressed and established.