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Why High People Are Much Nicer Than Drunk People

Why High People Are Much Nicer Than Drunk People

According to scientific research published in the Scientific Reports online database, alcohol is one of the deadliest substances to abuse followed closely by heroin and cocaine. Despite this result, and the very common use of alcohol, the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that nicotine was, in fact, the most regularly used substance in the US among people between the ages of 15 and 45.  Taking this research into account, it seems fair to conclude that marijuana use shouldn’t be grouped into this category as a “vice”.Let’scompare the effects of both alcohol and marijuana use among college students and discuss why high are far nicer than drunk people.

  1. Less Aggression When Speaking To People

One of the most commonly associated effects of marijuana use is the “giggling symptom”.  This is seen when a person is high and begins to laugh uncontrollably irrespective of what they are saying or doing.  Unfortunately, people abusing alcohol do not always present with this effect.  While there are those who are “happy drunks”, many drunk individuals feel the need to share their thoughts with others in an aggressive manner; irrespective of whether they are trying to be funny or trying to have a semi-intelligent conversation about world peace.  Let’s face it; any drunk college student is going to try to impress people with semi-intelligent conversation. for further details, visit : http://www.thelacc.com/stress-true-enemy-higher-education/

  1. Drunk Dialing An Ex Or Crush

If you have ever experienced a night of pure alcoholic binging to wake up to a text from your ex or crush, the chances are you have drunk-dialed or texted.  One of the hazards of drinking vast amounts of alcohol is that you lower your inhibitions. Gone is that pesky little voice telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Like a little kid left unsupervised, an inebriated person may decide that this is the perfect time to do exactly whatever comes into their heads. Like contacting that old flame. In many cases, the drunk individual will share private thoughts with the ex or crush that not only “creep them out” but ruin any chance of a relationship.

Why High People Are Much Nicer Than Drunk People

High people, on the other hand, are far too relaxed and happy to consider needing anything other than what they have at the current moment.

  1. Less Vomiting, Wayward Walking, And Crazy Dancing

People who are aware of the effects of drunkenness will generally opt for the “designated Dave” figure that will not imbibe and is able to drive at the end of the night.  While this is an important fact to consider, designated Dave may find himself or herself faced with further obligations beyond driving drunk people home.  Common effects of alcohol consumption often include over-zealous dancing and wayward walking as the person has slowed motor function, which can result in injuries.  Furthermore, vomiting is normal due to the body rejecting the substance.  Poor Dave and any other friends may find themselves having to care for the individual.

In contrast, people smoking marijuana are chill and relaxed for wayward walking (any walking actually), generally do not vomit, and are less likely to engage in dancing.  No need for friends to care for this individual in the majority of cases.