How Marijuana Increases Creativity For College Students

How Marijuana Increases Creativity For College Students

For many first time college students, the information surrounding the usefulness of marijuana is extremely hard to sort through and may be completely inaccurate at times. However, many campuses in areas that have allowed their adult students to use marijuana have found that their students are much more creative. Many people attribute this to the break down of personal barriers that marijuana helps some people achieve, while other people think that it has to do with weeds tendency to allow the user to filter out the rest of the world and truly focus.

Most people thought that these boosts in creativity would only be seen throughout the liberal arts programs, but is has quickly become evident that this is not the case. There have been a number of reports of engineering, math, physics, and business students smoking as a way to tap into their hidden potential. These students report that the herb allows them to focus, think outside of the box, concentrate better, and to fully understand concepts that they were unsure of before they started smoking.

How Marijuana Increases Creativity For College Students

Thanks to this style of usage, there have been a huge number of successful startups and amazing papers published that truly show the value of weed within academic settings. These students often indicate that they smoke on a daily basis, while a few report that they only smoke when looking for inspiration.

Another use that helps students reach their potential is allowing better sleep and quicker sleep for many of the stressed out students who have been nearing their breaking point. For many people midterms of the end of finals week is the least creative time of the entire term due to stress. This stress affects their ability to sleep, their ability to create and produce important assignments, and their ability to interact with others. However, students who reported consuming marijuana for stress were found to have less anxiety about finals and were better able to complete their assignments without losing creativity.

While there are a large number of different ways that marijuana can benefit creativity, students who were able to get the drug legally found that they were getting much better results than those who were unable to use weed legally. Most of them credit this difference to the ability to pick out their own strain and understand what they were dealing with as well. This makes sense as different strains of weed possess different properties and may either keep you awake, put you to sleep, or calm you depending on their THC content.

Students who had legal access found that they were able to better tailor their goals around their smoking, and were able to alter their habits when needed. Many of them said this allowed them to be more creative when they needed it, but also allowed them to study hard and get ahead in their classes. Very few of the students who were legally able to use marijuana regretted their use, and almost all of them associated that use with better grades.