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Marijuana Legalization And Its Effect On Campuses

Marijuana Legalization And Its Effect On Campuses

Guest blog 4 Joanna Phillips

Have you heard a lot about the legalization of marijuana lately? Are you curious if it will be accepted in schools around the country? Marijuana legalization has been given a lot of attention lately because of the medicinal benefits that it can provide to users. Leaders have been considering marijuana’s effects and how it can help a lot of people. However, individuals still lack enough knowledge about why it can become legalized soon and how campuses are planning to address marijuana-related situations.

There are a lot of reasons why leaders are considering the legalization of the plant, and one of them is the fact that prohibiting marijuana in the country involved enormous social costs that are not very worth it. Police officers are asked to arrest thousands of marijuana users who are utilizing weeds for personal needs. Some people are even imprisoned for the mere possession of marijuana, and it can be a disadvantage because officers might be more focused on such small offenses than on serious ones.

The consequences that marijuana arrests can cause to people are not easy as well. One can be penalized to serve in jail for years because of marijuana usage. Also, those who manage to escape long years of jail time will still carry a bad record and can affect their future. People who will have to suffer the consequences of their bad records will find it hard to look for jobs, house, and loans.

Marijuana Legalization And Its Effect On Campuses

The medicinal benefits of marijuana are also undeniable. People believed before that cannabis is harmful that’s why believing its abilities to help ameliorate diseases can be hard to accept for some. However, studies and experiments already proved how marijuana could be more helpful for everyone.

Diseases like epilepsy and AIDS are known to be the ones that marijuana can cure, and the chances that such claims are true are enough to give hope to people who are suffering these unfortunate diseases. The legalization of marijuana can give way to more experiments and discoveries that change a lot of lives around the world.

However, marijuana being legalized does not mean that it will be accepted inside campuses. The fact that only people at the age of 21 are legal to possess marijuana implies that students at the school, as well as minors, are not allowed to bring marijuana to their campuses. According to school officials, it’ll still be illegal to carry, use, or reproduce cannabis inside the school premises.

I think that the regulation of marijuana in schools and universities is reasonable. People go to school to study and not to smoke. If ever marijuana is legalized in the country, the youth will be able to use it for their needs, but their academics shouldn’t be affected. It is still important for them to enjoy the benefits of cannabis and find the perfect balance in their lives.

Using marijuana is not a bad thing especially if you know how to use it properly. The medical discoveries that experts have been showing to the world when they studied marijuana is a good reason to change the way we perceive this drug. But young people who are still attending school or university should know that there are still rules to be followed, and one of them is the regulation of marijuana in schools.