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Marijuana Saves Me From Anxiety

I’m a freelance writer by trade and a student, which means that when I’m not attending classes and doing homework, I’m staring at a computer screen and researching ridiculous topics like ‘can you swim in Cadbury cream egg cream’. Unfortunately, I’m a writer with incredibly severe anxiety and ADHD. Keep that in mind, it will be important later.

Right now, the national discussion on marijuana is exploding on college campuses. This is no different from any other major issue throughout U.S. history, but naturally, each issue crops up in its own way. In the case of marijuana usage, the drug is still illegal to have and use on college campuses. Which means the current question on everyone’s mind is whether it should stay that way.

The arguments against it are the same as they ever were. There are the moral guardians who insist that it’s just immoral to smoke the dangerous devil’s weed. There are the faux-intellectuals who proclaim that they’d be okay with it but that it will obviously affect kids’ studies. There are the complete hypocrites who smoked it through their college years, and probably still smoke it, but will gladly make up some reason to continue being against it.

The arguments in favor are also the same as they ever were. It helps expand the mind, it’s not as addictive as all that, and you’re not the boss of me, I’ll smoke it if I want.

Marijuana Saves Me From Anxiety

Which leads to the major question on the mind of every single last person in the United States. Namely, what do I think? Well, it’s complicated, but it boils down to that thing I asked you to remember. Do you remember it?

I have severe anxiety and ADHD. I’m on psychiatric medication, and it mostly works. But some days are worse than others, and I’ll either be bouncing off the walls or so afraid of ruining my life that I don’t leave my bed. The only problem with this is that “professional writer” isn’t a job that pays an hourly wage. If I don’t produce writing, I don’t get to eat that week.

This is where marijuana comes in. When I’m having, a hard time getting out of bed or sitting down and doing my work, my pipe is my buddy. It’s so beneficial that I budget money every week to make sure I have it. Without the evil devil’s weed, my quality of life would severely drop.

Given that, I can’t possibly say college students shouldn’t be able to smoke. They should get to have marijuana all they want. But even so, marijuana does cause mental impairment. That’s sort of the entire point of smoking it. So, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to regulate it similarly to alcohol.

Legalize it, but put an age limit on it. Sure, underage kids will get some, but that’s true of alcohol as well. Make it illegal to drive while under the influence. Sure, people will do it anyway, but they do it anyway with alcohol. Make it so that it can only be sold by licensed sellers. You see where I’m going with this.

It’s not that difficult. Well, it wouldn’t be, but some people need to have a scapegoat, and I suppose marijuana is an easy one.

Steven Shoal