Stress: The True Enemy of Higher Education

There’s no denying the fact that life in many ways is a lot more stressful than it used to be. Over 70% of college students work, with a surprising number of those students working full time or just short of full time hours. Add in being expected to carry a cell phone where people can reach you 24/7, having a full course load at college, the stress of going into debt despite working full time, and it should be easy to see that stress really is the true enemy of a higher education.

The ways everyday life has changed hasn’t helped, either. There are entire bookstores devoted to books about slowing down but think about it. If you wanted to travel, you had a travel agent take care of it. Sales people would help you find what you were looking for, bankers would help with occasional financial needs. Now everyone does all those things for themselves, in addition to dozens of other tasks that used to also have help available in one way or another.

In states where it has been legalized, cannabis has been shown as an excellent potential solution. While some people scoff at the ideal of recreational marijuana use, the truth is that its effects on stress levels, anxiety, and even insomnia (and other sleep disorders) have been proven in study after study.

When you talk to a student taking a full time course load, having to prepare for an internship or student teaching, working full time, doing extra-curricular activities, and still worrying about where tuition is going to come from – that’s someone who is in prime shape for the negative effects of stress and anxiety.



Woman screaming nervously at the laptop isolated on white.

Even more worrying is the fact that those levels of stress and anxiety, while not only being unhealthy, over time can also compound and often lead to bad sleeping habits, severe depression, and even dropping out of school. The ability to go home, use a little bit of marijuana to take away legitimate anxiety and stress, and to occasionally get a good night’s sleep, is crucial to the overall mental and even physical health of the students.

Even more of a reason for cannabis use is the fact that it doesn’t have the potential harmful side effects of many prescription drug pills that would otherwise be taken to deal with the same issues. Prescription medications have a long list of potential negative side effects and many of them have proven to be addictive.

The truth is that when you have someone working full time, going to college full time, and running around for 18 hours a day, it should come as no surprise that it is the anxiety and depression that creep up and cut out the students’ legs from under them. There’s no question that for many of these students an occasional responsible use of marijuana at the end of the day could be what they need to push through those insane schedules to the other side.