Smoking Geniuses

Some of the World’s Most Famous Pot Smoking Geniuses

Some of the World's Most Famous Pot Smoking Geniuses

Historic people, geniuses and many celebrities have openly spoken about their use of marijuana. Here are a few of the world’s most popular pot-smoking individuals and the views these people have on cannabis.

Bill Gates

This billionaire’s support for marijuana legalization is no secret. In addition, multiple biographical accounts state that Gates did smoke pot throughout his college years.

Some of the World's Most Famous Pot Smoking Geniuses

It’s also interesting to point out that in 2016, Microsoft entered a partnership with a legalized cannabis sales tracking company. According to analysts, this massive joint venture is one important factor that can push for the faster legalization of pot across the country.

This partnership also makes Microsoft the first major company to invest in the marijuana business. Power to you, Bill!

Barack Obama

The soon to be ex-president has said himself that as a young person, he did use marijuana frequently. An account of pot smoking has even been included in Obama’s autobiographical book.

Time magazine published a detailed report about teen Obama’s pot smoking days.


Since becoming a president, Obama has disavowed his young lifestyle. As a teenager in Hawaii, Obama was simply curious about giving pot a try. Marijuana smoking isn’t something that the president is currently condoning.

Steve Jobs

This is another genius known for smoking marijuana in an attempt to relax from stressful days and encourage creative thinking.

In a series of interviews, Jobs said that he got high for the last time in 1977. During the period, Jobs relied on marijuana to boost his creativity anywhere between once a week and once a month.

Carl Sagan

American astronomer, astrophysicist and author Carl Sagan is one of the most popular genius supporters of marijuana legalization. In one of his most famous quotes, Sagan said that the illegality of cannabis was outrageous, especially because the use of cannabis resulted in feelings of wellbeing and serenity in a dangerous, mad world.

According to Sagan, his own use of marijuana led to a deeper understanding of science and the world. Sagan went as far as publishing an essay against the illegal status of marijuana. The essay was presented in 1969 under a penname.

Richard Branson

Here’s another millionaire who has owned up to smoking pot. Sir Richard Branson is the owner of Virginia Group and he has confirmed on multiple occasions his desire to eventually invest in the legal marijuana industry.

In a 2007 GQ interview, Branson said that he did indulge in smoking pot with his son. The ritual was particularly prominent during family vacations. According to Branson, he acquired the skills needed to roll the perfect joint from none other than Rolling Stones guitar player Keith Richards.